asmrdb is a database of youtube channels that produce content intended to trigger autonomous sensory meridian response (asmr).

with it you can answer many questions, such as:

you might also be able to do useful stuff with it, but i doubt it.


at the moment, the database is populated solely by submissions to the subreddit /r/asmr. a channel should find its way into the database if:

  1. the majority of its output is comprised of asmr videos, and
  2. at least one video from the channel has been submitted to /r/asmr with the [intentional] tag.

anything in [square brackets] in the reddit submission title is extracted and used to tag the video. these tags are also used to guess the gender of the artist.


we're currently tracking 4,462 youtube channels, 39,959 youtube videos and 41,179 reddit posts.

for more info, have a look at the stats page.


feel free to get in touch for any reason. you can use reddit or youtube, or you can send email to asmrbeats at gmail dot com.