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Readings from Milk and Honey by Rupi Kaur (asmr) 29,129 33:11
Palm reading asmr roleplay 11,442 10:52
Speak by Laurie Halse Anderson (asmr reading) 10,158 28:17
What is: Hamilton, the musical (asmr) 8,288 17:55
Arranging make up (asmr) (no talking) 7,200 16:42
Indian poetry: asmr whispered poems by Ajanta 7,069 37:36
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Cutting nails 3,605 13:07
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Prisoner's Dilemma ASMR Roleplay 3,066 6:45

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Palm reading asmr roleplay [Whisper][rambling][soft spoken][roleplay][personal attention] 45 2015-05-08
Does this sound like English? (Prisencolinensinainciusol lyric readng) [soft spoken][reading][rambling][whisper] 34 2015-07-30
You, in a Styrofoam Box [styrofoam] [tapping] [scratching] [whispers] [rambling] [intentional] [experimental] 29 2015-11-17
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Arcadia, a play enacted by dinosaurs [soft spoken] [whisper] [reading] [ramble] [page turning] [tapping] [intentional] 16 2017-01-27
sign language lesson [intentional] [female] [whispered] 13 2014-09-10
How to get someone to love you (with science!) (Results not guaranteed) [whisper][close up][reading][rambling][soft spoken][intentional] 11 2016-02-13
On Wednesdays We Wear Black [role play] [soft spoken] [writing sounds] [tapping] [clicking] 11 2016-12-04
Costume shop roleplay [tapping] [crinkling] [whisper] [scratching] [ramble] [soft spoken] [unscripted] [intentional] 11 2016-10-12
Cranial nerve exam roleplay [soft spoken] [roleplay] [paper rustling] [tapping] [humor] [intentional] 11 2016-08-11