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АСМР Медицинская помощь после Oktoberfest: забота двух девушек/medical examination 3,162,608 18:06
ASMR Fall into my softness 3,113,433 16:00
💆АСМР💆Растайте в нежных руках Пелагеи вместе со мной: массаж лица кисточками 2,769,534 12:19
👭ASMR👸 TWO nice MAIDS will make your morning VERY SPECIAL 👸 2,514,834 14:01
AMAZING D😋LIGHTS for your ASMR 😋 2,504,683 20:46
ASMR The best triggers for you 👐 Testing your asmr 2,186,183 22:15
ASMR 🎤💋Stimulate your microphones🎤💋: kissing, breathing, scratching, brushing 1,696,938 24:56
АСМР💤 "Засыпай со мной: забота, массаж и обнимашки"💤 1,505,960 17:02
🌛ASMR🌛🌛Falling asleep in my embrace: scalp and ear's massage, blowing into ears 1,333,614 19:25
👮ASMR-POLICE👮: gentle inspection🔦and medical examination🚘Playful roleplay 1,232,396 17:31

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(ValeriyaASMR feat Pelagea ASMR) Sweet care from two cute girls [intentional] [russian with english subtitles] [medical examination] 291 2016-10-04
(ValeriyaASMR) ŸASMR-POLICEŸ: gentle inspection and medical examination. Playful roleplay [intentional] [Russian accent] [medical exam] 134 2017-02-12
(ValeriyaASMR) Deep ear's cleaning and massage with lotion: [intentional] [russian with english subtitles] [whisper] [roleplay] [personal attention] 93 2017-03-27
(ValeriyaASMR) KIND witch will enchant you on Halloween [intentional] [russian with english subtitles] [face brushing] 93 2016-10-28
(ValeriyaASMR) ASMR Kisses FOR YOU: evening with me/kissing sounds+feather+aromasticks [intentional] [russian accent] [kissing sounds] 86 2016-10-12
(ValeriyaASMR) Men's Paradise: haircut and scalp massage [intentional], [haircut], [russian accent], [massage] 84 2017-07-23
(ValeriyaASMR) ASMR evening with me: kissing sounds/feather/aroma sticks [intentional] [russian] [kissing sounds] 79 2016-09-26
(ValeriyaASMR) Good morning in the bed / Girlfriend roleplay [intentional] [Russian accent] [personal attention] [roleplay] 74 2017-11-06
(ValeriyaASMR) Drying you after the rain: tender care/brushing your hair/rubbing your ears [intentional] [russian accent] [personal attention] [hair brushing] 67 2016-09-19
(ValeriyaASMR) Crazy Brushes Fight Night [intentional] [brushing] [russian accent] [soft speaking] 67 2017-06-15