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Papers Please ASMR Roleplay With "Authentic" Arstotzkan Accent [Female] [Intentional] [Accent] 350 2014-08-05
Asmr matchmaking, great video [soft-spoken] [intentional] [accent] [gum-chewing] [funny] NSFW language 227 2015-06-30
New video from GentleWhispering [soft-spoken][ear to ear][female][accent][intentional] 203 2014-03-19
My all time favorite Russian ASMR video [intentional] [accent] 203 2014-09-05
Barber Shop Men's Shave [Role Play][Female][Intentional][Accent][Soft Spoken] 163 2014-08-09
Been a long time since I felt such strong tingles. [Accent] [male] [haircut] [Intentional] [Binaural] 161 2014-08-14
Haven't seen any like this on here before. German girl ASMR [intentional][female][accent] - [16:36] 135 2013-06-09
ASMR | 80s Hairdresser (ft. Jersey Accent and Gum Chewing!) [roleplay] [accent] [gum chewing] [sassy] [haircut] [scissor sounds] [hair wash] [shampoo] [blow dry] [hair drying sounds] [head massage] [binaural] 134 2018-03-07
MassageASMR, wood blocks, and a slight stereo delay. Pure Bliss. [Dimitri][Male][Accent][Whispering][Friction Noises][Rubbing][Clicking][Stereo Delay][17:49] 119 2013-06-12
β˜…LITTLE WATERMELON - Self Face Massage - Scalp Massage - Relaxation Therapy [female] [face] [accent] [soft spoken] [intentional] 113 2016-04-21