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Age of Atlantis E01 (ASMR Role Play for Relaxation) [intentional] [roleplay] [softspoken] [ambience] 72 2015-09-11
(WhispersInChaos) Dreams of Halloween ☠ ASMR [Intentional] [spider webs] [feeding you] [ambience] [female] [roleplay] 23 2016-08-29
[Intentional] Merry Christmas at Hogwarts! Harry's dormitory with snow, wind, warm candle light, moving picture, ghosts [wind][footsteps][Ambience] Soothing and festive 10 2015-12-22
Whispering Zombie shambles in the woods searching for ASMR, relaxation, brains or perhaps something more[intentional][lip smacking][tongue clicking][male][gibberish][zombie][ambience][nature] 9 2012-06-17
(Peggy WhispersInChaos) Chrona Spirit of time ASMR [Intentional] [Roleplay] [clock ticking] [dried flowers] [hypnosis] [ambience] 9 2016-05-16
[intentional][ambience] LOTR Erebor POV ASMR - Lonely Mountain ambience - dragons, fire, mining, footsteps, smoke and dwarves chanting 4 2015-12-04
Forsaken: Supplies From Undercity - A Warcraft RP [Intentional] [Short] [Ambience] [Soft Spoken] 3 2016-05-30
The first ASMR video I ever found back in 2008, before the term ASMR existed [writing][intentional][ambience] 2 2014-02-10
short crime film using only production sound [intentional] [ear to ear] [footsteps] [ambience] [woodland] [WARNING: GUNSHOT] 1 2017-10-31
(wowASMR) Relaxed Breathing sounds [intentional][breathing][male][ambience] 0 2016-07-12