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Surrealism - The Treachery of Images [painting] [art] [intentional] [male] [20:38] [Magritte] [The French Whisperer] 56 2014-08-06
The Wave by Hokusai [intentional] [art] [soft speaking] [Japanese prints] [male] [The French Whisperer] 45 2016-03-30
The Lady And The Unicorn [art] [male] [soft spoken] [intentional] [The French Whisperer] 44 2015-02-15
LITTLE WATERMELON - Testing Rembrandt Pastels ASMR [female] [hands] [art] [whispering] [catalan accent] [intentional] 31 2016-02-21
Mona Lisa [painting] [soft-spoken] [male] [intentional] [da Vinci] [art] 28 2014-01-10
LITTLE WATERMELON - Painting Papier-Mâché Moon [Very Quiet Whispering] [Acrylic & Wash Paint] [Female] [Hands] [Catalan Accent] [Art] [Intentional] 28 2016-02-06
Showing you my paintings [female] [intentional] [art] 22 2013-08-26
LITTLE WATERMELON - Testing Stabilo, Deco, Staedtler Felt Tip Pens ASMR [Whispering] [Female] [Hands] [Catalan Accent] [Art] [Intentional] 13 2016-02-24
Drawings and whispering favorite ASMR-tists names!n[intentional] [asmr community] [art] [whispers] 13 2017-09-08
ASMR Sleep and Relaxation: A Burning Candle |Art of Asmr| [Intentional] [Sleep] [Relax] [Art] [Draw] 12 2018-03-26