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(Gibi) [ASMR] Daisy & Dr. Gibi Treat Your Anxiety - Airport Roleplay (Twin/Clone RP) [intentional] 261 2017-04-16
Go and sub to this man, once he reaches 30,000 subs he will have a asmr marathon day, releasing AT LEAST 10 videos that day. Go check out his videos I promise you will enjoy them. [intentional] [soft spoken] [asmr] 227 2013-09-13
Westworld ASMR: The Imperfect Host [ASMR] [Phoenician Sailor] [Long] [Intentional] [Westworld] 220 2016-12-04
YouTube has BLACKLISTED Me and ALL My New Content - Including this Video [female] [intentional] [whisper] [asmr] 204 2017-08-14
Visual Sounds' Cranial Nerve Exam [asmr] [intentional] [whisper] [soft spoken] 172 2012-11-20
Better than counting sheep - An Exercise in Visualization [ASMR] [intentional] [soft speaking] [female] 158 2015-09-12
Hour long, The Repairman 3[ASMR][Mumbling][Mic scratching][Ephemeral Rift] 151 2014-09-26
[ASMR] Close-Up Binaural Pure Mouth Sounds + Random "Sk" Sounds [intentional] [female] [mouth sounds] 141 2014-06-22
You Broke a Rule: A Negan/Walking Dead Roleplay (Phoenician Sailor) [ASMR] [male] [intentional] [long] [crinkles] [tapping] [soft-speaking] 139 2017-02-12
[ASMR][Stereo][intentional] Ear to ear mouth sounds and mic scratching 137 2013-08-05