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Springbok - Binaural ASMR Guided Hypnosis for Relaxation: Visualizations of Ice and Fire [Intentional][Soft Spoken][Binaural] 465 2015-11-05
The highest quality ASMR video I've seen yet. [intentional][female][binaural][soft spoken] 448 2013-05-13
VeniVidiVulpes' Haircut and Shave Roleplay [Female][Soft-Spoken][Binaural] 433 2012-10-18
Try to beat THIS TAPPING (Seriously, he is the best tapper ever, only a drummer can do that) [intentional][binaural][mickelous][tapping][ocarina][fast tapping] 408 2015-08-19
[JellybeanASMR] Relaxing Ear Massage w/Cupping and Whispering [Intentional][Binaural]Ear Cupping] 382 2015-11-04
My gf just made an Eye Exam ASMR video. She wanted to use her available resources to increase the realism, here's the result. [binaural] [intentional] [soft spoken] [personal attention] 381 2012-12-19
I saw a lot of people talking about not feeling ASMR anymore, so I decided to great some really loud and sporadic ASMR just for you - Intense ASMR for the desensitized #2 [Intentional] [Binaural] [Tapping] [Scratching] [Tongue clicking] [Blowing] 292 2015-10-30
[Binaural] Allergy Skin Test Role Play [29:58] [Up Close Personal Attention] [Demonstration on another person] [Soft Speaking] [Female] [Intentional] 231 2015-03-01
After The Battle: Sci-Fi Suit Repair Role Play For Relaxation (Reupload due to Youtube copyright claims) [Heather Feather][Roleplay][binaural] 228 2014-02-24
Binaural Pineapple Relaxation [intentional][pineapple][binaural] 226 2014-07-16