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I saw a lot of people talking about not feeling ASMR anymore, so I decided to great some really loud and sporadic ASMR just for you - Intense ASMR for the desensitized #2 [Intentional] [Binaural] [Tapping] [Scratching] [Tongue clicking] [Blowing] 292 2015-10-30
Stumbled on a new one: Relaxation For Your Ears [whisper] [ear] [blowing] [tapping] [breathing] [rubbing] [cupping] [binaural] 159 2015-06-16
Elf Mouth Sounds | [kissing] [cute words][blowing][Intentional] 138 2016-01-21
SoftAnnaPL: [slow] [close up] [whisper] for remove nightmares + relaxing hand movements + [blowing] in the mic [female][Polish][intentional][31:25] 93 2013-12-30
Tickling the Windscreen for Deeeeeeep Ear Sounds - [female] [breathing] [comforting affirmations] [trigger words] [ear to ear whispering] [blowing] [intentional] 90 2016-03-01
ASMR Ear Massage - Intense Trigger Assortment #4 [Intentional] [Binaural] [No Talking] [Ear Cupping] [Ear Covering] [Breathing] [Blowing] 55 2016-03-17
PassionFlower ASMR Binaural Eargasm Layered Intense Mouth Sounds [intentional] [whisper] [female] [english accent][mouth sound] [pop rocks] [blowing] 37 2016-02-22
{BINAURAL ASMR} [Ear-to-Ear] [Blowing] [Ear Brushing] [No Talking] 25 2015-07-31
ASMR Ear to Ear Whisper with Touching [Male] [Intentional] [Whispering] [Ear-to-Ear] [Blowing] [Touching Camera] [Australian Accent?] 24 2013-07-11
PPOMO - Ear Blowing Compilation [intentional] [blowing] [female] 20 2016-09-22