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Heather Feather is back!!! [Intentional] [Welcome back Heather!] [Soft Speaking] [Crinkles] [Whispers] [Sticky Sounds] 1,498 2016-11-13
You Suck at Cooking - ASMR Potato Latkes [Intentional] [Cooking] [Male] [Crinkles] 766 2017-06-26
Ardra Neala - Mic Brushing, Fuzzy Hat and Plastic Wrap...and whispers[Intentional][Whispers][Crinkles] 263 2015-11-28
Ardra Neala - Let's Hang Out II [Intentional][Whispered][Tapping][Crinkles][1:06:04] 229 2016-02-27
I cant even describe how wonderful this is [intentional] [binaural] [tapping] [crinkles] [scratches] [female] 210 2013-01-30
Gentle Ear Cupping, Brushing & Feather Tickling with Close Whispers and Sticky Sounds (also Soft Spoken ear to ear, HD) [female][intentional][crinkles][22:38] 181 2014-09-28
(brightgreyASMR) Crinkly Shirt Edition [intentional] [scottish accent] [whispering] [ramble] [hand sounds] [crinkles] [tapping] 166 2017-01-09
Chainsaw Artist and Griffon Ramsey is working on an ASMR channel! [Intentional] [Whispered] [Soft Speaking] [Crinkles] [Not Super Serious] 145 2015-09-30
Getting Your Wound Dressing Changed [personal space] [crinkles] [soft speaking] [intentional] [short] [female] 140 2017-06-10
You Broke a Rule: A Negan/Walking Dead Roleplay (Phoenician Sailor) [ASMR] [male] [intentional] [long] [crinkles] [tapping] [soft-speaking] 139 2017-02-12