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Mango Essence Chips [VioletsVoice] [Soft-Spoken] [Intentional] [Eating Sounds] 111 2013-12-31
ASMR Danish Ramble [Intentional] [Whisper] [Danish] [Eating sounds] [Female] 86 2016-02-02
(Victoria Sponge) Nature Rambles (with bonus MUKBANG) ;} [Intentional] [Wind Sounds] [Whispers] [Eating Sounds] 67 2017-05-05
German Chocolate - [intentional] [binaural] [female] [whispering] [German accent] [crinkly foil] [eating sounds] [[SOUNDsculptures Chocolate Challenge] 61 2014-01-30
(amalzd) Munchpak Unboxing & Review [Eating Sounds] [Crinkly Sounds] [Soft Spoken] [intentional] 54 2015-11-16
Tasting Biscuits from the USA - [Eating Sounds] [drinking Tea] [English Accent] [Intentional] [Female] [ASMRAngel] [33:52] 49 2015-03-15
(FrivolousFox ASMR) ASMR Gummy Tingles [Intentional] [female] [mouth sounds] [eating sounds] [soft spoken] [tapping] 47 2016-12-06
JellybeanASMR Eating Rice Krispies Treats [Intentional] [mouth sounds] [eating sounds] [close breathing] [female] 46 2016-02-12
ASMRequests Tingly Street Festival Haul [intentional] [soft speaking] [crinkling] [tapping] [eating sounds] [female] 42 2015-09-13
(TingTing ASMR) Eating Sounds and Crunchy Goodness [Intentional] [Eating Sounds] [Female] [Tapping] [25:04] 40 2017-05-15