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PELAGEA ASMR - LET ME FIX YOU! Fixing by a MECHANIC![intentional] [english] [whisper] [personal attention] 249 2017-06-11
PELAGEA ASMR - best SLEEP treatment! 3DIO PLAY to make you fall asleep![intentional] [english] [whisper] [personal attention] 175 2017-06-19
Wet Mouth Sounds, SKSK, OM NOM, BRUSHING & HUMMING [intentional][binaural][ear to ear][assorted][english] 168 2015-08-21
ASMR! A MILITARY GIRL gives you a MILITARY HAIRCUT! + MEASUREMENTS for your new UNIFORM! [intentional] [english] [whisper] [personal attention] 154 2017-05-23
ASMR - MEDICAL EXAM by a military AIR FORCE girl ♥ the test to become a PILOT [intentional] [english] [whisper] [personal attention] 147 2017-09-21
ASMR - MEDICAL EXAM - mouth to mouth resuscitation - Care after a accident ENGLISH [intentional] [english] [whisper] [personal attention] 126 2016-12-03
ASMR - I'll take you up to be happy together! ALIEN visit! +EXAMINATION [intentional] [english] [whisper] [personal attention] 113 2017-09-17
WhiteWinterWhispers is done with chemo! Here's her latest video: Reading Kalevala in Finnish and English [ASMR] [Soft Spoken] [English] [Finnish] [intentional] 107 2015-08-04
ASMR Pelagea - Dark Snow Queen - ki♥ss you to de♥ath! SPECIAL VIDEO - PART 1 [intentional] [english] [whisper] [personal attention] 99 2017-12-28
3Dio TEST with some ear cupping and whispers [intentional][hermetic kitten][3Dio][binaural][whispering][español][english] 99 2015-07-04