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You Gotta Get That Dirt Off Your Shoulder Role Play: Binaural Brushing ASMR [Long] [46:33] [Personal Attention] [Soft Speaking] [Whispering] [Face Brushing] [Ear Brushing] [Female] [Intentional] 212 2014-11-24
Cutebunny992 - Men's shave role play [Soft spoken] [Face brushing] [Personal Attention] [Greek Accent] [Close-Up] [Female] [Intentional] [16:06] 179 2014-12-26
(ASMR Ecstasy) This Will Make You Fall Asleep Fast [Intentional] [female] [tapping] [feather play] [personal attention] [soft spoken] [face brushing] 151 2016-08-05
Whisper Bunny - Brush Testing [personal attention] [face brushing] [whispering] [female] [intentional] [28:31] 124 2015-01-03
(brightgreyASMR) ASMR Assorted Visual Triggers with Layered Sounds (No Talking) [intentional] [layered] [face brushing] [hand movements] 118 2016-11-28
(Cosmic Tingles) Makeup Role Play ASMR [Face Brushing][Personal Attention] [Intentional][female][52:41] 97 2015-09-19
(Darya Lozhkina) Ear & FACE BRUSHING - I will make you melt .. [Intentional] [Face Brushing] [Whispers] [Breathing Sounds] [Russian Accent] 94 2017-09-07
(ValeriyaASMR) KIND witch will enchant you on Halloween [intentional] [russian with english subtitles] [face brushing] 93 2016-10-28
Sally Brown Does Your Makeup! [Role Play] [Childlike Voice] [Writing Sounds] [Face Brushing] [Binaural] [Intentional] [18:04] 81 2016-06-09
(brightgreyASMR) Tenderness & Touch | Personal Attention ASMR [intentional] [scottish accent] [face brushing] [personal attention] [hand movements] 76 2017-07-12