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Try to beat THIS TAPPING (Seriously, he is the best tapper ever, only a drummer can do that) [intentional][binaural][mickelous][tapping][ocarina][fast tapping] 408 2015-08-19
(FreshBlush ASMR) ASMR Show & Tell [Fast Tapping][Rain][Soft Spoken/Whisper][intentional] 108 2017-05-07
(MickelousProductions)Concentrated Fast Tapping Film Can, Matchbox, Book, Wooden Bowls, and Mortar and Pestle[intentional][binaural][fast tapping][26:25] 96 2015-11-16
(MickelousProductions)Ear Cupping, Fast Tapping, Scratching, and Brush sounds.[intentional][binaural][fast tapping][ear cupping][20:26] 94 2015-12-15
Serious tapping skills [intentional] [Japanese] [tapping] [fast tapping] [whispers] 83 2015-07-29
(MickelousProductions)Mason Jar, Cards, Wet/Dry Towel, and Head Scratches. Aggressive fast tapping diminuendo to soft scratching sounds. Very little speech.[intentional][binaural][fast tapping][toweling][scratching][40:41][60FPS] 81 2015-09-24
(MickelousProductions)60 FPS Fast Ocarina and Tiny Wooden Shoe Tapping No Talking with Some Ear Cupping[intentional][fast tapping][plastic][wood][clay][20:26] 60 2015-10-13
(brightgreyASMR) Rhythmic Rain Sounds By Candlelight [intentional] [scottish accent] [fast tapping] [scratching] 51 2017-08-08
ASMR Tapping For Tingles | 6 Different Trigger Sounds | Relaxation & Sleep [Intentional][Slow Tapping][Fast Tapping] 50 2017-06-14
"ASMR Show & Tell #3" (Goodnight Moon ASMR) [Fast Tapping] [Tracing] [Crinkle] [Soft Spoken] [intentional] [female] 46 2017-08-16