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A peaceful wander through Skyrim - Part V. I hope it brings you tingles and relaxation! [whispering][male][nature sounds][gameplay][intentional][18:56] 99 2013-05-31
A peaceful wander through Skyrim - Part 10. Enjoy! [whispering][male][nature sounds][gameplay][intentional][28:19] 79 2014-02-09
Wandering in Skyrim - Part VII [whispering][male][nature sounds][gameplay][intentional][18:45] 79 2013-07-08
Wandering in Skyrim: Saturalia (Christmas) Special! Happy Holidays everybody! [whispering][male][gameplay][intentional][10:16] 69 2013-12-26
Almost two hours of triggers! [inaudible] [ear-to-ear whispering] [unscrewing lids] [tapping] [close up whispers] [clicking] [drawing] [scratching] [gameplay] [female] [intentional] [1:50:02] [JubileeWhispers] 53 2014-11-19
Want a bedtime story? Tingle to sleep with a whispered Skyrim book reading [whispering][male][page turning][gameplay][intentional][17:17] 46 2014-03-26
Starting a peaceful life in Minecraft [whispering][male][gameplay][intentional][14:52] 44 2013-05-28
A peaceful wander through Skyrim - Part VI. Enjoy! [whispering][male][nature sounds][gameplay][intentional][19:56] 41 2013-06-18
What better way to drift off to sleep tonight than with a whispered wander through the beautiful landscapes of Skyrim? [whispering][male][nature sounds][gameplay][intentional][24:37] 40 2014-04-12
Any Civ 5 fans here? I really enjoyed making this whispered intro to the game, and I hope you find it tingly! [whispering][male][clicking][gameplay][intentional][long][1:08:41] 39 2014-07-12