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ASMR | Don't forget, it's okay to remember! Memory Restoration Role Play for Sleep [ASMRrequests] [Intentional] [Roleplay] [Personal Attention] [Medical / Sci Fi] [Ear to ear vibration panning?] [Scalp massage] [Tapping] [Light follow] [Glove sounds] [Soft speaking] 338 2017-08-02
(British Primrose ASMR) ASMR TINGLY SCALP CHECK AND TREATMENT ROLE PLAY [Intentional] [Female] [Scottish Accent] [Glove sounds] [Soft Speaking] 86 2016-07-15
(Jellybean Green) ASMR Scalp Check: Experimental Test Subject (Binaural Role Play; 3Dio) [Roleplay][Soft Spoken][Personal Attention][Glove Sounds] (27:59) 66 2017-01-20
ASMR | NOSTALGIA: School Nurse Scalp Check [roleplay] [intentional] [remake] [old school asmr]] [hair sounds] [personal attention] [up close whispering] [glove sounds] [soft speaking] [combing] [brushing] [scalp check] [woman] [female] 50 2017-09-21
Cranial Nerve Exam with Little Jubes [Female][Humour][Roleplay][Personal Attention][Binaural][Glove Sounds][26:31] 35 2015-05-22
(Jellybean Green) ASMR Soft Spoken Triggers & Ramble: Binaural Relaxation [intentional] [female] [personal attention] [glove sounds] [energy pulling] 29 2016-01-31
[Intentional] (Bluewhisper) Men in Black ASMR Role Play [Leather Sounds] [Fabric Sounds] [Glove Sounds] [Typing] [Multiple Triggers] 27 2016-10-06
Hair Colour Stylist Roleplay! *Glove you!* [intentional] [glove sounds] [personal attention] [female] [roleplay] 21 2015-08-14
ASMR Medical Exam Role Play w/ [Glove Sounds] - Eye Exam & Glasses Fitting, [Tapping on Glasses] [Hand movements] [lights] [face poking] [mouth sounds] [female] [intentional] 18 2017-01-08
(nordlys asmr) ASMR - Relaxing Face and Skin Massage Spa [Roleplay] [female] [whispering] [glove sounds] [lens brushing] [brazilian portuguese] 18 2017-12-07