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ASMR - Hair Salon Roleplay [Intentional] [Female] [Whisper] [Hair Brushing] [Hair Cutting] 60 2015-09-26
ASMR - Hair Cut Salon Role Play, Binaural ear to ear 3D echo delay hair cutting roleplay.[hairdresser][role play hair cut][hair cutting][roleplay][binaural][3d][echo][delay] 12 2014-05-21
Time for a haircut! Giving myself a haircut and chatting with you [intentional][1 hour][hair cutting][ramble] 12 2018-03-11
[Intentional] (VulpeculASMR) Dark ASMR | Go Merrily to the Gallows: Comfort and Grooming for a Salem Witch from a Wicked Nun [Multilayered] [Female] [Soft Spoken] [Whispering] [Wind] [Hair Brushing] [Hair Cutting] [Hair Washing] [Ear to Ear] [Comfort] [Personal Attention] 7 2017-09-25
Organic Hair Salon [Roleplay] (ChitChatCat ASMR) [Swedish accent] [whisper] [hair cutting] [41:00] [hair brushing] 7 2016-12-13
Hair Cutting Brushing with Mia (ASMR Binaural) [hair cutting][scissors][intentional][20:00] 4 2016-02-05
[intentional] ASMR [hair Cutting] and [Combing] Your Hair [Softly Spoken] - spraying, combing, cutting, [accent]... 4 2015-10-29
A Hero With Style: Haircut & Ear Care - An Overwatch RP [Intentional] [Hair Cutting] [Ear Cleaning] [Whispering] 3 2016-05-27
(Icon ASMR) Binaural Triggers Test [Intentional] [Ear Cleaning] [Hair Cutting] [Whispering] [13:19] 3 2016-12-05
[Intentional] (Aster Meridia) Need a new identity? Call the fixer! [role play] [personal attention] [hair cutting] [makeup] 2 2017-07-27