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Still one of my all-time favorites! I wish he made more videos. [Intentional] [Roleplay] [Haircut] [Male] 933 2014-11-06
[intentional][haircut] Man gives anime girls haircuts in VR chatroom 255 2018-01-02
Been a long time since I felt such strong tingles. [Accent] [male] [haircut] [Intentional] [Binaural] 161 2014-08-14
100K Sub Special Starting Now ! - Relaxation Session with an ASMR Artist 6 - [Manwelle][Haircut][Head Massage] [30mins][Male][intentional] 154 2014-07-01
ASMR | 80s Hairdresser (ft. Jersey Accent and Gum Chewing!) [roleplay] [accent] [gum chewing] [sassy] [haircut] [scissor sounds] [hair wash] [shampoo] [blow dry] [hair drying sounds] [head massage] [binaural] 134 2018-03-07
ASMR Hair cut [female][accent][haircut][brushing][intentional][whispering] full of serious tingles 106 2013-04-02
[intentional] I Kidnapped You - ASMR Roleplay - Forced Haircut [haircut] [roleplay] [combing] [cutting] 91 2016-05-20
(ValeriyaASMR) Men's Paradise: haircut and scalp massage [intentional], [haircut], [russian accent], [massage] 84 2017-07-23
[Intentional] [haircut] [female] ASMR Relaxing Haircut Role Play -(English+Italian) Liv ASMR 74 2016-05-09
(softlygaloshes) You Are My Plant! 🌿 Personal Attention Roleplay [soft spoken] [whisper] [personal attention] [haircut] [roleplay] [female] 47 2017-09-01