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Reiki || Calming hand movements [intentional][hand movements][female][soft spoken][whisper] 153 2017-01-11
(Heather Feather) Binaural Reiki Role Play With Guided Breathing Exercise And Singing Bowl [Intentional] [Ear Cupping aka Ear Covering] [Hand Movements] [Female] 149 2015-12-19
(Soya Whispers) ASMR Face Touching and Brushing [Intentional] [female] [soft whispering] [hand movements] [face touching] [brushing] 125 2016-12-23
(FrivolousFox ASMR) ASMR Fluffy Mic Affirmations, Hand Movements, Tingly Mouth Sounds [Intentional] [female] [hand movements] [mouth sounds] 123 2017-11-30
[Female][Intentional] CARING FRIEND Helping You Sleep! [Positive Affirmations][Whispering][Face Stroking][Hand Movements][Personal Attention] 119 2016-11-11
(brightgreyASMR) ASMR Assorted Visual Triggers with Layered Sounds (No Talking) [intentional] [layered] [face brushing] [hand movements] 118 2016-11-28
(GentleWhispering) Scalp massage and hand movements [whispering] [hand movements] [female] [intentional] 116 2016-09-20
(CordeliaCharter) Measuring you for transmogrification [intentional][roleplay][female][personal attention][hand movements] 114 2017-01-25
(GentleWhispering) 360° ASMR Trigger Test - Ready for a Hug [intentional] [female] [soft speaking] [personal attention] [hugs] [crinkling] [hair brushing] [tapping] [feather] [hand movements] [blanket fort] 112 2016-02-10
Sleep Like A Rock [Intentional][Crinkle][Scraping][Tapping][Brushing][Writing Sounds][Paper Sounds][Water Sounds][Hand Movements][Unspoken] 101 2017-04-07