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(brightgreyASMR) Crinkly Shirt Edition [intentional] [scottish accent] [whispering] [ramble] [hand sounds] [crinkles] [tapping] 166 2017-01-09
(ObviouslyASMR) ASMR in an Anechoic Chamber [Intentional] [Male] [Whisper] [Crinkling] [Mic Brushing] [Scratching] [Tapping] [Lid Sounds] [Hand Sounds] [Mouth Sounds] [Inaudible Whispering] [36:46] 117 2017-07-12
(Bright Grey ASMR) Teaching You Scottish Phrases [intentional] [scottish accent] [whisper] [ramble] [hand sounds] 109 2018-03-12
(brightgreyASMR) An Education in Scottish Slang [intentional] [scottish accent] [whispering] [ear to ear] [hand sounds] 93 2017-06-17
(brightgreyASMR) Mega Exciting Clickbait Title [intentional] [scottish accent] [soft speaking] [ramble] [hand sounds] [tapping] 92 2017-01-07
(brightgreyASMR) Learn Archaic and Unusual Words with Me [intentional] [scottish accent] [binaural] [hand sounds] 82 2017-08-20
(brightgreyASMR) Teaching You Scottish Slang for Tingles [intentional] [scottish accent] [whispering] [ramble] [hand sounds] 81 2017-01-05
(brightgreyASMR) Close-Up Whispers for Bedtime [intentional] [scottish accent] [hand sounds] [lid sounds] 76 2016-12-04
(SoftAnnaPL) ASMR with Wand Movement In Sync With Mouth Clicking, Creates Surreal Feeling [Intentional] [female] [soft speaking] [visual trigger] [mouth sounds] [mouth clicking] [wand] [hand sounds] [hand movements] [air tracing] [Polish] [27:29] 74 2017-01-09
(Bright Grey ASMR) Straight Up Gourmet Hand Sounds [intentional] [binaural] [hand sounds] [3Dio] 72 2018-01-07