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(TheOneLilium) Powerful Guided Relaxation [intentional] [soft speaking] [female] [hypnosis] 127 2017-03-21
(stolentoilet) Sleep Hypnosis with Delta Waves and Rain [intentional] [female] [white noise] [hypnosis] 84 2017-04-11
ASMR Let me Hypnotise you~ Vampire Roleplay~ Close Up Personal Attention [roleplay] [female] [soft spoken] [hypnosis] [relaxation] [hand movements] [personal attention] [british accent] 65 2018-03-03
ASMR Let me Hypnotise you~ Close Up Personal Attention [roleplay] [intentional] [female] [British accent] [hypnosis] [close up] [personal attention] 57 2018-01-05
(Sleeping Pearl ASMR) The Dark Hypnotist Roleplay [Intentional] [female] [hypnosis] [soft spoken] [whispering] 47 2016-11-02
[roleplay] ASMR Jack Of All Trades - 8 Roleplays - 1 hr - 100K Sub Special! [doctor] [haircut] [tweezing] [hypnosis] [sleep nurse] [sketching] 46 2017-05-13
IndigoStars - Maria's Date - 2nd Vampire Date #3 [intentional] [female] [Dutch accent] [roleplay] [vampire] [paperwork] [writing] [chains] [leather] [hypnosis] 34 2015-04-26
ASMR Personal Attention Hypnosis for Positive thought and Productivity [Personal attention] [female] [soft spoken] [hypnosis] [intentional] 27 2017-08-02
ASMR Personal Attention Superhero Hypnosis for Positive thought and Self Awareness [roleplay] [intentional] [hypnosis] [soft spoken] 20 2017-11-06
ASMR: Lucid Dreaming INTENSE [Binaural] [Hypnosis] [intentional] 19 2016-03-07