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Dr Dmitri Tests his Patients to there ASMR Resistance [Intentional] [Male] [Soft Spoken] [Scratching Sounds] [Hypnotic] 41 2013-03-27
Graven Images and Idol Worship Study [Intentional] [soft spoken] [hypnotic] Rubber Gloves sounds and tapping 13 2016-01-02
ASMR - Cosmic Reverie [intentional][hypnotic][male][whispered poetry][layered][real and abstract ambient sounds][relaxing][minimal ambient music] 7 2014-08-05
ASMR Best Leather Gloves [Intentional] [Hypnotic] [Hand Movements] [Leather Crinkle] [Microphone Brushing] 5 2017-03-11
Reading Silly Fan Fiction [Intentional] [Male] [TirarADeguello] [Soft spoken] [Hypnotic] 4 2015-10-19
Twilight Zone ASMR part 1 [roleplay] [soft spoken] [male] [Hypnotic] 3 2017-07-21