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A Shifting, Binaural Sound Environment [male] [binaural] [intentional] [inaudible whisper] [ASMR sound design] 101 2013-01-18
Inaudible binaural whispers with spontaneous mouth sounds talking about obsessions great audio [intentional] [female] [inaudible whisper] [mouthsounds] 98 2013-08-30
ASMR Layered Sounds [Male] [Trigger Library] [Inaudible Whisper] [Hand Movements] [Tapping] [Intentional] 60 2016-06-23
The Fire Nymph Role Play (Guided Relaxation) [inaudible whisper][crackling][tapping][candle meditation][ear to ear whisper][smoke blowing][female][intentional] 31 2014-01-26
Reiki Monster [Intentional] [inaudible Whisper] [binaural] pulling that monster from your mind 19 2017-01-20
Asmrer - Follow the Light & Inaudible Binaural (3D) Ear to Ear Whispering (ASMR) [male] [american accent] [inaudible whisper] [intentional] [20:49] 10 2013-08-24
(GorillASMR) Gorilla Mouth Sounds #1 - [Intentional] [Whisper] [SKSK] [Mouth Tapping] [Tongue Clicking] [Gorilla] [Inaudible Whisper] 8 2016-02-25
(British Primrose ASMR) ASMR CRINKLY LAYERED SESSION [Intentional] [Female] [Crinkles][Inaudible Whisper] 7 2016-03-18
[intentional] ASMR Inaudible Whispering [inaudible whisper] [inaudible] [JamesASMR] 6 2017-06-06
Tips on achieving sleep with anxiety [female] [intentional] [microphone brushing] [inaudible whisper] [mouth sounds] [irish accent] [close up] 5 2015-04-14