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The Top 120 Binaural ASMR Triggers: A 4.5 Hour Tingle Fest! [Long] [Too Many Triggers To Tag] [Ear To Ear] [Female] [Intentional] 1,097 2015-01-12
(Heather Feather) ASMR Binaural Feather Flight Attendant Role Play For Relaxation and Sleep [Intentional] [Long] 816 2017-10-02
Top 10 Most Requested Binaural ASMR Mouth Made Trigger Sounds [Long] [49:32] [Full Use of Binaural Mic] [Female] [Intentional] 317 2015-04-21
(Heather Feather) Binaural ASMR: Lay Down Your Sweet Head [Intentional] [long] [female] [pillows] 308 2017-10-08
(Goodnight Moon ASMR) Howl’s Moving Castle: Sophie’s Hat Shop 👒 [Roleplay] [Female] [1:10:02] [Long] [Soft Speaking] 288 2017-07-07
I'm In Over Your Head: Binaural Sound Slice [Long] [43:22] [Full Use Of 3D Mic] [Assorted Materials Tapped and Scratched Over/Around Mic] [Whispering] [Soft Speaking] [Blowing In Ears] [Female] [Intentional] 260 2015-01-27
OMG GAIS!! THE ULTIMATE ASMR MAKEOVER IS HERE FINALLY!!! [Phoenician Sailor][beautiful][excellently executed][top notch][grandiose superlatives][male][intentional][long] 225 2014-10-31
Westworld ASMR: The Imperfect Host [ASMR] [Phoenician Sailor] [Long] [Intentional] [Westworld] 220 2016-12-04
You Gotta Get That Dirt Off Your Shoulder Role Play: Binaural Brushing ASMR [Long] [46:33] [Personal Attention] [Soft Speaking] [Whispering] [Face Brushing] [Ear Brushing] [Female] [Intentional] 212 2014-11-24
Binaural [Ear to Ear Whispering] And [Ear Massage] In A [Blanket Fort] Of Facts [Long] [45:35] [Female] [Intentional] 199 2015-03-12