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(Mixed ASMR) Alien Inspection Role Play [female] [personal attention] [mouth sounds] [intentional] 249 2016-10-15
[JellybeanASMR] Ear to Ear Pop Rocks + Mouth Sounds [16:38] [Intentional] [Female] [Mouth Sounds] 212 2015-10-12
An Awesome Reiki Session [female][intentional][whispering][hand motions][mouth sounds] 200 2014-02-12
SoftAnnaPL - Looping Trigger English Words [Mouth Sounds][Whispering][Polish accent][Female][Intentional][21:04] 181 2014-12-22
(FrivolousFox ASMR) ASMR Collarbone Tingles ~ Close Up Visual Triggers [Intentional] [female] [skin touching] [humming] [mouth sounds] 145 2017-03-18
[ASMR] Close-Up Binaural Pure Mouth Sounds + Random "Sk" Sounds [intentional] [female] [mouth sounds] 141 2014-06-22
Pop Rocks and Starbursts! [softlygaloshes] [Female] [Intentional] [American Accent] [Soft Whispers] [Mouth Sounds] [Ear-to-Ear] [Binaural] [19:01] 137 2013-11-20
(softlygalohes) Tingle Quest! Each Level More Tingly Than the Last! Can You Make It to the End and Save the Day? [unintelligible whisper] [mouth sounds] [kiss] [head massage] [tapping] [crinkle] [intentional] [female] 137 2018-01-31
[SFM ASMR] Sombra is making some mouth sounds, just for You! | [No Talking] [Mouth Sounds] [Clicking] [Female] [Short] [Animated] [SFM] [Intentional] 136 2018-03-19
ASMR + fast VERY aggressive hand movements with mouth sounds and latex gloves (short) [Intentional] [female] [mouth sounds] 126 2017-04-04