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Home Decor Consultant Roleplay [Softly Spoken] [Nail Tapping] [Texture Sounds] [female] [intentional] 213 2014-07-22
Galaxy Jar Tutorial [Intentional] [female] [Soft Spoken] [Nail Tapping] 179 2016-04-28
Fun Colorful Dish Soap and Milk Experiment Tutorial [Softly Spoken] [Nail Tapping] [amalzd] [intentional] 122 2015-11-02
Foods/ Kitchen ASMR Show and Tell [Softly Spoken] [Female] [Intentional] [Nail Tapping] 106 2014-05-13
ASMR - [Intentional] [Taping] [nail tapping] Messing with the camera/your face, and various objects :) Slightly aggressive sounds. 101 2016-05-25
ASMR: Maths Teacher Role Play~ Soft Spoken [role play] [female] [soft spoken] [personal attention] [nail tapping] 96 2017-08-02
Hookah Store Roleplay [Softly Spoken] [Nail Tapping] [Crinkly Sounds] [Texture Sounds] [amalzd] [intentional] 94 2014-11-04
Cleansing Your Energy Roleplay [Ear to Ear Sounds] [Nail Tapping] [Soft Spoken] [intentional] 72 2017-04-04
(Latte ASMR) Relaxing Korean Lesson Teacher Roleplay [Intentional] [Female] [Korean] [Soft Spoken] [Nail Tapping] [Chalk] 68 2016-12-26
(amalzd) Pomegranate Molasses Vinaigrette Recipe [Intentional] [female] [Soft Spoken] [Nail Tapping] 66 2016-08-23