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Put my camera and microphone in a plastic bag, in pouring rain. See what happens [HD] [intentional] [no talking] 534 2016-01-12
Finger Massage with Scissors [Intentional] [Massage] [No Talking] 191 2017-01-02
Cutting Rainbow Colors Kinetic Sand Lego Tower [Intentional] [Kinetic Sand] [No Talking] 172 2017-07-01
(DOOS) Lotion ear massage [intentional] [no talking] [lotion ear massage] [binaural] [ear cupping] [21:06] 145 2015-10-06
[SFM ASMR] Sombra is making some mouth sounds, just for You! | [No Talking] [Mouth Sounds] [Clicking] [Female] [Short] [Animated] [SFM] [Intentional] 136 2018-03-19
Back of my head very nearly vibrated clean off from this one. Varied pace tapping on pie tins. [binaural][intentional][no talking][tapping] 132 2015-02-14
Ardra Neala - ASMR Binaural Head and Ear Massage [No Talking][Head Massage][Ear Massage][Intentional] 129 2015-08-14
[Heather Feather ASMR] Watch Behind Your Ears: 90 Minutes of Binaural ASMR Ear Treatment Sounds for Relaxation and Sleep [Intentional] [No Talking] [Ear Massage] 128 2016-12-09
Wood recorder [Intentional] [no talking] [tapping] 121 2016-04-05
(JellybeanASMR) Latex Gloves Ear Playing + Mouth Sounds [intentional] [female] [no talking] [crinkling] [mouth sounds] 120 2016-08-15