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Springbok ASMR - Art School Interview Roleplay [Soft Speaking] [Page Turning] [Plastic Sounds] [Female] [Intentional] - [42:18] 94 2014-10-08
Ancient Egypt from North to South [Show and Tell] [page turning] [male] [intentional] [16:50] [The French Whisperer] 82 2015-04-12
[intentional] Whisper and Flipping through a Photography Magazine [back to basics] [whisper] [page turning] 63 2017-03-17
(Art ASMR)"I draw designs in gel pen" [Russian][russian accent][soft speaking][drawing][paper][page turning][female][intentional][15:31][short] - She deserves more love!! 62 2016-12-07
Olivia's Kissper - PSYCHOLOGICAL TEST 2: Get analyzed for relaxation! *ASMR [Role Play][Page Turning][Soft Spoken][Female][Intentional] 60 2015-06-25
GentleWhispering's newest video -- "End of the Year" [intentional] [soft spoken] [tapping] [page turning] 57 2013-12-24
Unintelligible ASMR Whisper Close Up Ear-to-ear [Female] [British Accent] [Intentional] [words of wisdom] [reading] [page turning] [inaudible] 55 2014-08-01
(brightgreyASMR) Leafing Through The Concise Scots Dictionary [intentional] [scottish accent] [soft speaking] [page turning] [book tapping] 52 2017-03-03
(brightgreyASMR) Drift Off With A Bedtime Story [intentional] [scottish accent] [whispering] [page turning] [hand sounds] 49 2017-06-06
(FrivolousFox ASMR) ASMR The Kindness Pact ~ The First Promise [Intentional] [female] [reading] [tapping] [page turning] [soft spoken] [47:35] 48 2017-04-03