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(JellybeanASMR) Horror Movie Collection Ear to Ear [Intentional][Whisper][Rambling][Tapping] 79 2016-10-13
Star Wars Battlefront peaceful forest walk on Endor [intentional][whispering][male][rambling][rain][16:46] 59 2015-12-11
Talking about my knitting projects [female][soft spoken][intentional][rambling][30:05] 55 2014-08-09
ASMR Magic deck and dice bag [intentional][female][soft spoken][rambling][card sounds][dice sounds] 50 2014-08-14
(FrivolousFox ASMR) ASMR Valley Girl Rambles [Intentional] [female] [gum chewing] [ear to ear] [rambling] 46 2016-08-12
Palm reading asmr roleplay [Whisper][rambling][soft spoken][roleplay][personal attention] 45 2015-05-08
The Binaural Zombie: Join me as I play with a half-dead binaural head! [ASMR] [Phoenician Sailor] [intentional] [male] [long] [rambling] [crinkling] [whispering] [storytelling] 42 2016-08-14
Does this sound like English? (Prisencolinensinainciusol lyric readng) [soft spoken][reading][rambling][whisper] 34 2015-07-30
You, in a Styrofoam Box [styrofoam] [tapping] [scratching] [whispers] [rambling] [intentional] [experimental] 29 2015-11-17
ASMR: Concerning Internet Anonymity [Intentional] [Male] [Rambling] 28 2013-11-19