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Still one of my all-time favorites! I wish he made more videos. [Intentional] [Roleplay] [Haircut] [Male] 933 2014-11-06
(FreshBlush ASMR) Cozy Medieval Inn [Roleplay] [Female] [24:34] [Fire Crackling] [Rain] [Soft Spoken] 412 2017-04-02
(Goodnight Moon) All Hallow's Eve Festival [Intentional] [Roleplay] [Female] 391 2017-11-01
(Gibi ASMR) Dunder Mifflin, This is Pam! (The Office) [Roleplay] [Soft Speaking] [12:40] 356 2017-06-08
ASMR | Don't forget, it's okay to remember! Memory Restoration Role Play for Sleep [ASMRrequests] [Intentional] [Roleplay] [Personal Attention] [Medical / Sci Fi] [Ear to ear vibration panning?] [Scalp massage] [Tapping] [Light follow] [Glove sounds] [Soft speaking] 338 2017-08-02
Dead Sea Nails Saleswoman [Roleplay] [Softly Spoken] [Arabic Accent] [intentional] [female] 334 2014-06-17
(Gentle Whispering feat. WhispersRed) ✨ Personal ASMR Sound Treatment ✨ [intentional] [roleplay] [female] [soft speaking] [personal attention] [36:38] 330 2017-10-15
Ardra Neala - ASMR Doctor Role Play: Doctors Without Borders [Roleplay][Intentional][Soft Spoken] 326 2015-09-24
TingleCactus - 5 Minutes of "Fookin' Hell, Harry!" [male] [intentional] [whispered] [roleplay?] 316 2015-12-28
[Roleplay] Azula's Interview - Avatar the Last Airbender {Gibi ASMR} 314 2017-02-07