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ASMR | Don't forget, it's okay to remember! Memory Restoration Role Play for Sleep [ASMRrequests] [Intentional] [Roleplay] [Personal Attention] [Medical / Sci Fi] [Ear to ear vibration panning?] [Scalp massage] [Tapping] [Light follow] [Glove sounds] [Soft speaking] 338 2017-08-02
Binaural ASMR With Foley Sounds: Makeup & Hair Tutorial Collaboration with ALBinwhisperland [Long] [31:34] [Soft Speaking] [Whispering] [Scalp Massage] [Spray Sounds] [Trigger Words/Sounds] [Female] [Intentional] 191 2014-12-08
My favorite scalp massage video, and a really underrated ASMRtist [Intentional][Female][Scalp Massage][Scratching] 147 2014-02-22
(softlygaloshes) NEW MIC! LOTS OF TRIGGERS! [whisper] [crinkling] [scalp massage] [tapping] [intentional] 145 2016-12-28
(brightgreyASMR) Binaural Haircut [intentional] [scottish accent] [whispering] [soft speaking] [scalp massage] 117 2017-08-27
World War II Nurse Role Play[intentional][blood pressure cuff][distant bombs][scalp massage] 109 2016-12-05
TheUKASMR - WHAT IS ASMR? ☽ ASMR Top Triggers ☾ [intentional] [female] [whispering] [soft-spoken] [scalp massage] [tapping] [crinkling] [brushing] 108 2016-07-20
(asmrbylisa) Sleepphones Review / Scalp Massage [intentional] [female] [scalp massage] 79 2015-09-30
MassageASMR just posted a scalp massage video for reaching 20,000 subscribers! [Scalp Massage] [Soft-Spoken] [Intentional] [Male] [Australian Accent] - [21:08] 77 2013-07-31
(softlygaloshes) Beauty Spa Roleplay [intentional] [female] [personal attention] [scalp massage] [lotion sounds] [face massage] 76 2015-10-06