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Pepe Silvia BUT It's ASMR (Can We Talk About The Mail?) - [Intentional] [whisper] [short] 433 2018-03-02
Goku Goes Super Saiyan 3 [Intentional] [Whispered Screaming] [Male] [Short] 407 2017-09-10
SLAV ASMR [Slav accent][short][Intentional] 258 2016-10-06
Heather Feather - Shearlock Combs: A Special Edition ASMR Superbowl Commercial Collaboration [intentional] [hair brushing] [soft spoken] [multiple artists] [short] 234 2016-02-07
The Office Michael Scott Tribute [roleplay] [short] [soft spoken] 218 2017-03-29
Friendly ASMR for men [Whispering] [Short] [Intentional] [Parody] 190 2015-05-21
Leeroy Jenkins BUT It's ASMR [Intentional] [male] [whisper] [short] 148 2018-02-22
Getting Your Wound Dressing Changed [personal space] [crinkles] [soft speaking] [intentional] [short] [female] 140 2017-06-10
[SFM ASMR] Sombra is making some mouth sounds, just for You! | [No Talking] [Mouth Sounds] [Clicking] [Female] [Short] [Animated] [SFM] [Intentional] 136 2018-03-19
Cute Buns Say Trigger Words [Intentional] [Whispered] [Short] 135 2017-11-04