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Heather Feather is back!!! [Intentional] [Welcome back Heather!] [Soft Speaking] [Crinkles] [Whispers] [Sticky Sounds] 1,498 2016-11-13
Joe Pera Talks You to Sleep | Adult Swim [intentional][male][soft speaking] 612 2016-03-23
ASMR | The Shift: A Post-Apocalyptic Short Film [20:02] [Soft Speaking] [Layered Ear To Ear Whispering] [Singing and Humming] [Darker Tone] [Beautifully Done] [Female] [Intentional] 438 2014-10-27
(Gibi ASMR) Dunder Mifflin, This is Pam! (The Office) [Roleplay] [Soft Speaking] [12:40] 356 2017-06-08
(ASMattR) Binaural Steamed Hams [Soft Speaking] [Fire Sounds] [Male] [Intentional] 349 2018-04-02
ASMR | Don't forget, it's okay to remember! Memory Restoration Role Play for Sleep [ASMRrequests] [Intentional] [Roleplay] [Personal Attention] [Medical / Sci Fi] [Ear to ear vibration panning?] [Scalp massage] [Tapping] [Light follow] [Glove sounds] [Soft speaking] 338 2017-08-02
(Gentle Whispering feat. WhispersRed) ✨ Personal ASMR Sound Treatment ✨ [intentional] [roleplay] [female] [soft speaking] [personal attention] [36:38] 330 2017-10-15
(Goodnight Moon) ASMR Winter Travels [Intentional][Soft Speaking][Whispering] 323 2018-02-10
Cosmic Tingles ASMR - 360° Simultaneous Hair Brushing and Makeup Roleplay [Intentional] [Female] [Roleplay] [Soft Speaking] 297 2016-04-14
(Goodnight Moon ASMR) Howl’s Moving Castle: Sophie’s Hat Shop 👒 [Roleplay] [Female] [1:10:02] [Long] [Soft Speaking] 288 2017-07-07