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I've Been Keeping a Secret [Intentional] [Heather Feather ASMR] [Soft Spoken] 720 2016-11-18
(Scottish Murmurs) ASMR | Impersonations of the TOP Asmr-tists [Intentional] [Soft Spoken] [Ear-to-Ear] [Accents] 694 2016-09-28
Have your face painted by VisualSounds1! [Intentional] [Soft-spoken] [Female] [Brushing] 672 2012-03-11
Bladewhisperpro23 NEW haircut roleplay [soft spoken] [brushing] [intentional] [male] [personal attention] 499 2017-10-16
Springbok - Binaural ASMR Guided Hypnosis for Relaxation: Visualizations of Ice and Fire [Intentional][Soft Spoken][Binaural] 465 2015-11-05
The K3YS: Courage - A Binaural ASMR Role Play [soft spoken] [ear to ear] [personal attention] [female] [intentional] 459 2015-04-29
The highest quality ASMR video I've seen yet. [intentional][female][binaural][soft spoken] 448 2013-05-13
Fairy Char has set the bar pretty high in this Dental Visit Roleplay [Intentional] [Female] [Soft-spoken] 444 2014-07-16
VeniVidiVulpes' Haircut and Shave Roleplay [Female][Soft-Spoken][Binaural] 433 2012-10-18
[Goodnight Moon ASMR] Summer in Oregon [Intentional] [Soft Spoken] 418 2017-08-12