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dotCalm: Binaural Relaxation Program [ASMRequests] [Intentional] [Female] [Tapping] [Whispering] [360°] 558 2015-08-25
New ASMRtist - JellybeanAsmr [intentional][female][tapping][crinkling] 424 2014-11-05
Try to beat THIS TAPPING (Seriously, he is the best tapper ever, only a drummer can do that) [intentional][binaural][mickelous][tapping][ocarina][fast tapping] 408 2015-08-19
ASMR | Don't forget, it's okay to remember! Memory Restoration Role Play for Sleep [ASMRrequests] [Intentional] [Roleplay] [Personal Attention] [Medical / Sci Fi] [Ear to ear vibration panning?] [Scalp massage] [Tapping] [Light follow] [Glove sounds] [Soft speaking] 338 2017-08-02
JellybeanASMR - Personal Attention and Help For Anxiety [Whispering] [Breathing] [Tapping] [intentional] [Crackling] 304 2015-08-10
I saw a lot of people talking about not feeling ASMR anymore, so I decided to great some really loud and sporadic ASMR just for you - Intense ASMR for the desensitized #2 [Intentional] [Binaural] [Tapping] [Scratching] [Tongue clicking] [Blowing] 292 2015-10-30
Violet is finally back! [VeniVidiVulpes][intentional][tapping][scratching][clicking][soft-spoken]-[47:40] 283 2013-01-26
Woman explains ASMR and shows different triggers to a live audience wearing headphones [WhispersRed ASMR] [female] [intentional] [tapping] [scratching] [crinkling] [object sounds] [experimental] [jump to 07:34 to skip the intro] 277 2016-03-01
Dr. Lloyd and Professor Clemmons - a collaboration between LLOYD'S ASMR and Ephemeral Rift [intentional] [male] [role play] [medical] [collaboration] [soft spoken] [tapping] [velcro] [paper sounds] 252 2015-07-20
(Gibi ASMR) Eat At Bob's Burgers! (Linda) [Roleplay] [Soft Spoken] [Tapping] [Spraying] 241 2017-10-26