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Binaural Spinning Game: SK, Breathy Whispers, Dark Feather, Ear Covering, & More [Long] [50:42] [Ear Massage] [Trigger Words] [Kiss Sounds] [Thinking Sounds] [Female] [Intentional] 180 2014-10-20
[Binaural] Sound Slice: [Ear Covering] [Hearing Test] With [Ear to Ear Whispering] & [Soft Speaking] [Short, 17:61] [Latex Glove Sounds] [Attempts at Different Languages] [Trigger Words] [Female] [Intentional] 153 2013-12-01
Best ASMR tapping video ever [Tapping] [Trigger Words] [Whispering] [Mouth Tapping] [Intentional] 114 2015-12-05
(brightgreyASMR) Gaelic Ear to Ear Trigger Whispers [intentional] [scottish accent] [ear to ear whispers] [trigger words] 94 2017-02-21
(stolentoilet) Fuzzy Trigger Words [Whispered] [intentional] [female] [trigger words] 91 2017-07-01
Tickling the Windscreen for Deeeeeeep Ear Sounds - [female] [breathing] [comforting affirmations] [trigger words] [ear to ear whispering] [blowing] [intentional] 90 2016-03-01
AccidentallyGraceful | Retainer Tingles [Intentional] [Ear to Ear] [Subtle Mouth Sounds] [Mouth Clicking] [Trigger Words] [Scalp Massage Sounds] [21:04] 62 2015-08-09
[Intentional] (PPOMO ASMR) [female] [soft speaking] [mouth sounds] [trigger words] [korean accent] 61 2016-04-07
Binaural Matthew McConaughey [Binaural] [Ear to Ear] [Soft Speaking] [Whispering] [Trigger Words] [Impression] [Male] [Intentional] [Alright Alright Alright] - [19:07] 58 2014-11-19
(stolentoilet) Shushing and Trigger Words [intentional] [female] [whispered] [trigger words] [Shushing] 57 2017-05-23