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Ardra Neala - ASMR Ear Cleaning - [Intentional][Massage][Water Sounds][Bubbling Sounds][Whispered][17:49] 174 2016-03-22
February Vlog [Ear to Ear] [Tapping] [Water Sounds] [General Silliness] [Female] [American Accent] [Intentional] [23:35] 112 2015-02-10
(Ephemeral Rift) slowly cleans his dirty balls for the first time on camera [intentional] [water sounds] [softly-spoken] [Puns] [American English] [Long] 111 2016-10-21
Sleep Like A Rock [Intentional][Crinkle][Scraping][Tapping][Brushing][Writing Sounds][Paper Sounds][Water Sounds][Hand Movements][Unspoken] 101 2017-04-07
Hospital Hair-Detangling [water sounds] [scratching sounds] [intentional] [personal space] [positive affirmations] [soft speaking] 80 2017-06-12
(brightgreyASMR) Carbonation for your Relaxation [intentional] [scottish accent] [fizzing sounds] [soft speaking] [water sounds] [tapping] 66 2017-06-03
ASMR making a Bath Bomb [Female] [British Accent] [Intentional] [plastic] [fizzing] [water sounds] [whispering] 65 2014-08-11
ASMR playing with fake snow [Female] [British Accent] [Intentional] [plastic] [toy] [water sounds] [whispering] 54 2014-08-29
INDIAN FACIAL ૐ HEAD MASSAGE AT AUNTIE COCO'S SPA [Intentional] [Role Play] [brushing sounds] [close up] [tapping] [water sounds] [hope you enjoy] 53 2016-07-23
ASMR en français+ 3D Sound Session [whispering][water sounds][paper sound][flickering][inaudible][intentional][female] 45 2014-09-16